Spiced Pear Detox Smoothie
Have you ever considered using fruit that’s rather uncommon in the realm of smoothies?
  1. The initial step begins with the pear. You can use a fresh pear or you can also slice pears in advance and freeze them. In the event you use frozen pear slices, omit the ice. Only use the ice to chill a smoothie that has no frozen ingredients.
  2. Add liquid along with pears and ice and blend. Now add the rest of the ingredients, but note that it’s best to add the ground flax last so that it doesn’t start to thicken. (Ground flax seed will start to absorb liquid if it’s let to sit for a period of time which is why you always want to add it last unless you want to thick what you’re making.)
  3. Blend all ingredients on high and then taste. If you want to adjust the spices, feel free at this point.