Jennifer Fugo is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to learn more about how to take control of their skin problems. Jennifer dives into the latest scientific research, and she has a unique ability to break down complex scientific concepts into clear and concise terms that anyone can comprehend. Her fire and drive to understand the science behind skin disease has helped her clients to address the root cause issues of their problems instead of just masking symptoms. Plus, her savvy and acumen along with her friendly and engaging demeanor makes The Healthy Skin Show one of my favorite podcasts – I’m a huge fan!

Julie Greenberg, ND
Julie Greenberg, NDLicensed Naturopathic Physician, Founder of The Center for Integrative + Naturopathic for Dermatology

Before I started seeing Jennifer about my eczema, I thought I would never get it to stop. I developed eczema in my mid-thirties seemingly out of nowhere and it caused great stress in my life. I had extremely itchy discoid eczema that later developed into eczema all over my hands and limbs.

I saw an acupuncturist, a naturopath, an herbalist, and multiple dermatologists, but nothing seemed to help much. That all changed when I started working with Jen. She helped me to identify the root cause of my eczema and put me on a plan to address it while providing me with multiple tools to help me better manage my rashes.

I used to get pretty depressed as a result of my eczema and I never felt like I had much control. Jen helped to change all of that and now my eczema is totally manageable. I’m so grateful that I found Jen online. It’s been so nice to work with her, especially since she understands what I’ve been going through based on her own struggles with eczema. Plus Jen has given me a renewed positive outlook on life and the power to understand my skin… for that I am grateful.

Chad Z.Client

Jennifer Fugo is a wonderful resource for anyone with a chronic skin condition. She is a gold mine! Her passion comes from her own personal experience with using diet and lifestyle to resolve her own problems with eczema. If you want to know the latest research and insights on how to take control of your skin health and overcome psoriasis, eczema or other chronic skin issues, the Healthy Skin Show is your best resource! Jennifer will empower you to take control and rebuild your skin and your confidence! I love her work and you will too!

Terry Wahls
Terry Wahls, MD, IFMCPAuthor of The Wahls Protocol: A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions Using Paleo Principles

As a clinical nutritionist, Jennifer shines when it comes to getting the information into the hands of the people!

She is truly a thought-leader, breaking the mold when it comes to traditional, limited concepts regarding skin health.

Changing how rashes, acne and other chronic skin conditions are discussed and treated is a personal passion for Jen—having dealt with her own eczema, her empathy is palpable. Her willingness to be human and transparent with her own journey lends both a kind hand and a brilliant guiding light of hope, to others suffering with skin problems of their own.

Brie Wieselman
Brie Wieselman, L.AcFunctional Medicine Hormone and Gut Health Specialist

Before working with Jennifer, I was MISERABLE. My stomach hurt every day, I had chronic diarrhea, rashes, and felt so RUN DOWN!!! Due to constant embarrassing trips to the bathroom, I did not want to go do things I enjoy doing. I was on edge wondering if my stomach would “act up” during the event and would avoid eating at parties or a friend’s house in case my issues got triggered. I had been gluten-free for several years at that point and was feeling worse than before I removed gluten.

I reached out to Jennifer and she created a program based on my individual test results after listening to me and asking LOTS of questions. The biggest surprise was that she didn’t require any MAJOR diet changes!!!!! I had assumed I’d be removing MORE foods from my diet. The first few days I went without stomach pain for the first time in 6 months, I wanted to cry tears of joy!!

Since working with Jennifer, I no longer depend on Immodium to get me through my days, and my stomach pain, brain fog, and bloating are gone. I am enjoying more of a social life and think more about what my body needs to stay in balance. I have so much more energy, can keep up with a busy work schedule, and still feel like a human being when I am with my family.

Contacting Jennifer was one of the best health decisions I’ve made! She is a wealth of information and is SO easy to talk to. She LISTENED to me and reviewed my health history which led us down roads I had not explored before. She is VERY KNOWLEDGABLE but delivers the information in a way that is easy to understand.

Nikki F.Client

Before working with Jennifer, I constantly felt sick to my stomach. I was stuck in the bathroom with diarrhea multiple times a day and was exhausted all the time. To make matters worse, I had become afraid to eat or felt guilty about eating certain foods thinking they might be to blame for my issues.

Fortunately, I found Jennifer who patiently waded through my ridiculous list of symptoms, complicated health history and an endless stack of lab results. She was able to identify the foods that were really bothering me so I could get back to enjoying food again. And, she was able to build a completely personal protocol to get my health back on track.

A lot has changed since we started this process together. Feeling sick is a rare occasion now! My diarrhea is gone. I finally feel normal again.

I can’t believe I lived in that miserable state of health for so long, just accepting it as “normal” (when it’s not). It feels so incredible to be able to eat with confidence and not land in the bathroom after every meal!

Sarah CrissmanClient

My son, Luke, has had behavioral problems, food sensitivities and various rashes from his scalp to his feet for more than 7 years. He has been taken to a variety of professionals, from pediatricians to dermatologists to neurologists to psychiatrists to holistic and functional medicine doctors. I also researched quite extensively myself and implemented various treatments and diet changes with minimal improvement. In September 2018, I heard about Jennifer through the Eczema and Psoriasis Week Event. I contacted her and we began working together to get to the bottom of Luke’s chronic problems.

After thoroughly reviewing Luke’s most recent labwork, Jennifer pointed out severe problems with Luke’s gut (dysbiosis) as the likely underlying cause of his conditions. She came up with a personalized plan to rebalance his gut first, which has already led to dramatic improvements in his behavior, anxiety, and the appearance of his rashes. She also has made several topical suggestions which have further helped his skin to improve. My husband and I cannot thank Jennifer (and Jennifer) enough for their guidance as we continue to walk through this healing journey with our son.


For the better part of 25 years, I’ve was frustrated and embarrassed by awful dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis). Dark clothes were the bane of my existence because within an hour I’d look like I was covered in snow. My hairline would become a frightful reddish pink with huge thick flakes peeling away from my scalp. I tried all sorts of shampoos and “natural remedies”, but nothing worked. Not even anything my doctors tried.

As a last ditch effort of hope, I began working with Jennifer. I loved her practicalness and energy because it gave me hope and she made it very clear that I had a partner to help me which meant a lot.

I have to be honest… at first, I was skeptical of her plan. She determined from testing and our long visits that my gut and liver were out of balance. I’d never heard this before and it seemed like a leap. But I followed her directions and I saw my flare-ups and flakes get less and less. Today, I am 98% clear and flare-free, and no longer need any special dandruff shampoos.

For the first time, I can wear something dark and not worry or panic. I just can’t even begin to express my gratitude for all of your hard work, Jen. I wish I’d found you sooner.


I had been diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2000 and continued to have stomach aches, diarrhea and itchy, dry eczema rashes on my fingers along with excessive anxiety, panic and brain fog. I found Jennifer online and began working privately with her in October 2017.

Thanks to Jennifer’s help, my skin rashes have finally cleared up and my digestion is better than I’ve ever had in my entire life. And I have been able to get off of my last anxiety medication and feel like having a happier outlook is my biggest WIN!!

In case you’re wondering, I would like to encourage anyone looking to figure out the deeper issues to work with Jennifer. She listened to me and is such an encouraging, dedicated person. She has spent hours reviewing my labs, came up with a plan that I could follow and helped guide me through it every step of the way. And I’m so appreciative to have her in my corner.

Carolyn R.Client

I ended up with awful, red yeasty rashes on my body that my dermatologist just didn’t have a clear answer on how to resolve. The antifungal creams would work for a bit, but then the rashes would come back. I was so embarrassed about them because it was to a point where I couldn’t really hide them anymore even with makeup or clothing. Plus I was exhausted all of the time and had what doctors called “stress-related symptoms” that were strange, but to them didn’t seem connected.

So I reached out to Jennifer and I’m really glad that I did because the rashes are FINALLY gone. My skin is clear and even the redness that wouldn’t go away in my face has dissipated. She determined that the yeast issues I’d suffered with for at least a decade were really at the root of my skin problems and that I was pretty depleted of key nutrients that my body needed to work at its best. Though it initially all seemed overwhelming, Jen made it really clear what we needed to focus on first and created a special plan for me so that I didn’t need to do any research. I just needed to follow her directions!

Aside from the rashes, I now have way more energy (than I’ve had in years!), my digestion is straightened out and I’m just feeling so much better overall.

One of the biggest pluses is that she prioritized making the plan and what I would need to do manageable for my very busy life. Nothing was difficult and she never asked me to do or eat anything weird! In fact, I love that she was able to help me resolve my symptoms without resorting to a restrictive elimination diet.

And I have to share that Jen opened my eyes about what I needed to do to take my health into my own hands. She asks questions that literally no doctor has ever asked me (that helped us figure out this puzzle), guided me to the proper tests, coached me to ask the right questions of my doctor, and calmed my fears about what we might find. She was clear and to the point and very specific in her recommendations. There was no gray area – I did what she told me to and I started to feel better.

I’m so grateful to you, Jen! Thank you for connecting the dots and digging deeper so that I can finally feel like my old self again!

Heather K.Client