This book has it all…it’s stockpiled with up-to-date nutritional information on healthy eating. It is extremely well written, easy to read,and even enjoyable to read! And offers so much more than recipes and information most of us already know about eating gluten-free. At this time in my life, I do not have a health issue that requires me to eat gluten-free, but I am aware of how much healthier it is. So, I am choosing to live more cleanly, and the information in this book allows me to access many choices. It also offers many tips and tricks that are simple and cost-effective. And I’ve tried a number of the recipes included in the book, and to my surprise and delight, they are not only easy and quick to prepare, but delicious and affordable as well,

Karen ChiariniAmazon Reviewer

Eating healthy seems to be such an expensive lifestyle and Jennifer’s book is fantastic in showing affordable ways to do so. She provides so many options and tips for which foods to purchase, storage options, how to cook everything, and also delicious recipes. Whether you need to eat gluten-free or are just trying to adopt a healthier diet, The Savvy Gluten-Free Shopper is a must read!

Christina DavesAmazon Reviewer

The Savvy Gluten-Free Shopper is a great tool to help people stay compliant to their diet. Compliance is a big issue for my clients because of time and cost. This book is a practical, no-nonsense way to approach buying, storing and cooking food that highlights many of simple ways to reduce how much you spend at the grocery store.

Bryan ToderAmazon Reviewer

This book has been a wonderful help for me. Many nights I struggle with what’s for dinner am too tired to begin to figure out what to cook. My favorite part of the book is the help with meal planning for the week! My week has run so much smoother now that I have things planned and am only cooking 2-3 times a week! The recipes in the book are wonderful and I’m not even tempted by the GF convenience foods that I was coming to rely heavily upon. Finally I feel sanity creeping back into my life. Thank you Jennifer!

Melissa LonnerganAmazon Reviewer

I’ve been living gluten free for over 4 years and still learned a ton from this book! It really breaks down why the diet can be so expensive and what you need to know in order to eat a healthy diet without spending so much extra money. The sections that detail how to prepare foods and veggies for storing and freezing is something I’ll refer back to again and again. I waste so much less food now that I follow these methods and my freezer is always stocked with healthy foods I can eat. But my favorite part is the meal planning and recipes that are provided. I know from experience that when you don’t plan ahead, you are more likely to grab expensive, unhealthy “gluten-free” convenience foods. Having step by step instructions on how to plan meals, with recipes to go along with it means I’m prepared and the food experience is less overwhelming and more enjoyable. You have to try the Baked Mediterranean Eggs, Brown Rice Porridge and Red Lentil Soup, those have become regulars for us now. Overall this is a very useful book, even if you don’t eat Gluten Free.

GracieAmazon Reviewer

Jennifer’s book is one of the most thorough and informative guides to gluten-free shopping I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading! Not only does she include tips for stocking your kitchen, saving money at the store and information about essential kitchen tools, but she also dishes out ideas for storing food (container options, freezing vegetables, etc.) and planning meals. Plus, the recipes included are delicious and doable for even the most “un-cooks” out there! Creamy asparagus soup, spicy sweet potato wedges, quick apple crisp — sign me up! This book is an absolute must for anyone who is seeking a more delicious, well-planned and budget-friendly gluten-free lifestyle!

CarolineAmazon Reviewer

The perfect marriage between nutritional coaching and chatting with your best friend. Jennifer’s way of teaching people about eating healthfully is the perfect marriage between nutritional coaching and chatting with your best friend. Her down-to-earth personality and willingness to share her personal health hurdles makes changing the way you think about food feel like you have a true comrade along for the ride.

Caroline Shannon-KarasikAuthor & recipe creator at The G-Spot

I was instructed by my doctors to become gluten free… I was totally lost! Jennifer Fugo truly IS the gluten-free guru! At NibMor, we do everything gluten free so that consumers with this sensitivity can enjoy our product. Making our product lines gluten free was a no brainer for us, even though no one at the company was gluten free at the time.

Recently due to a health concern, I was instructed by my doctors to become gluten free to reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process. Other than my own product, I was totally lost!

Jen happily provided me with a wealth of information (believe it or not- just cause it says gluten free does not mean you can eat a boat load of it!). She gave me the tools I needed to start my journey and I am eternally grateful. Though I still have so much to learn for myself and my company, Jennifer Fugo is the expert I look to for all my gluten free know-how. Thanks, Jen, for a job well done and your willingness to provide information and resources to companies and each individual you deal with daily.

Heather K. Terryco-founder of NibMor Chocolates

If you are looking for an integrated approach to nutrition, Jennifer is the right fit! Jennifer came along at the right time in my life. We focused on creating an eating plan that fit into my schedule that was not overwhelming. I learned how to prepare foods to provide the right energy at the right times, whether I am recovering from a workout or preparing a meal mid-week.

I definitely received the support and encouragement I needed to experiment more in the kitchen, and ‘play’ with my desires to remove dairy and gluten from my diet. Plus, I experimented with and tried more fruits and vegetables than I had in 10 years!

Sylvia, Philadelphia PAFinancial Consultant & Triathlete

Jennifer is THE person to turn to offering a wealth of knowledge on your healthy gluten free journey. When switching to a gluten free diet, it is crucial to have the help of an expert. Jennifer is THE person you want to turn to. She offers a wealth of knowledge to help guide you on your healthy gluten free journey. At Purely Elizabeth, all of our products our certified gluten free and we love turning to Jennifer to offer tips and recipes to our customers.

Elizabeth SteinFounder, Purely Elizabeth